The purpose of the NZ Protestant is -

    1. We solemly protest against every English version since 1881that has as its title "Holy Bible" whilst being derived from the depraved and blasphemous Vaticanus and Siniaticus Greek MSS, and we stand for and upon the precious and perfect word of God (the Holy Authorised King James 1611 Bible).

    We will also do all within the power that God gives us to reveal; those who are apostates, and who are actively engaged in the undermining of the faith of Godís dear children in New Zealand. The shepherds of the flocks are the ones who will give account to the "Chief Shepherd", and where these positions are held by wolves and not shepherds, then this paper will make their true position known so that the child of God might spot the Christianized skeptic and liberal and apostate. "There shall be false teachers among you" Christ Jesus said, and his people were instructed to see that their "mouths must be stopped" (Titus 1:10 and 2 Pet. 2:1).

    2. We earnestly protest against the system of religion known as the Roman Catholic church - saying-

    You proclaim to be the true church, and your Pope the Bishop of the Church of Christ (worldwide) - ordained by Christ YET you -

    i) Fulfill the prophescies of the woman of Rev.17 & 18 identified as the "MOTHER of HARLOTS, AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH", and

    ii) destrioy God's pure words of scripture using the corrupt Vaticanus and Siniaticus Greek MSS with their 73 books, and

    iii) deceive the saints into believing your doctrines of devils.

    We will expose those who work with Rome whilst they profess to be Protestant, that is, those who are hypocrites (a hypocrite is a person who makes out they are one thing when in reality they are something quite different). The influence of such people and their ministry is to turn the people of God out of the paths of righteousness and eventually back to the arms of the idolatrous Babylonian Mystery religion, which operates from a city sitting on seven hills, that is, the Roman Catholic religion.

    3. We solemly protest against all who oppose and seek to destroy the nation of Israel and their God-given right to dwell in the land of milk and honey that the Lord promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - land that was distrubuted to the twelve tribes of Israel in the book of Joshua. We stand with the nation of Israel and their right to exist, and the historic establishment of Jerusalem as their capital, the temple site, and their right to defend themselves against all aggressors.

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